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Fast Turnaround

On time and in full (OTIF)
yarn supply delivery.

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Consistently Reliable Quality

Rigorously-tested cotton
that’s quality assured.

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Ethical Industry Practices

Prilla supports sustainable growth in the African cotton industry.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Our mill upholds our high production standards by merging traditional wisdom with modern technology. We combine traditional ring-spinning mechanics with state-of-the-art rotor spinning equipment and innovative quality assurance systems to provide our clients with legendary yarns.

Prilla Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn

We manufacture 100% cotton yarn, our cotton lint is sourced primarily from the SADC region and other parts of Africa.
Our yarn compositions include:

  • Combed Cotton
  • Carded Cotton
  • Open-end virgin Cotton
  • Open-end virgin-Waste mix Cotton
  • Two-fold/three-fold Cotton
Prilla Specialised Yarn

Specialised Yarn

We procure a wide range of yarns from India & Indonesia that local manufacturers do not produce.

These yarn compositions include:

  • Poly cotton blends
  • Nylon
  • Bamboo


Prilla Recycled Yarn

Recycled Yarn

We innovate new yarns by recycling waste accrued from garment manufacturing.


This emerging market offering is both zero-waste and uses less water during production, allowing for a more sustainable yarn selection.